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Jesus Christ: Man of Sorrows

Portrait of Christ by Jenny Kopp Oil Painting
Man of Sorrows Christ Portrait

This painting was the first oil painting I ever did, and the original Christ painting off which I based my other portraits/prints of Jesus that I started selling a couple years ago. This painting has been in the possession of the family who originally commissioned it, but I was recently given time with the painting to get it digitized and remastered for printing. I'm excited to announce that I am making this painting available as an UNLIMITED edition and in a variety of sizes, so everyone will find one within their price range!

I have always loved this original portrait of Christ the best, even though the other two were beautiful with their unique subtle expressions and gold/silver leaf accents. This one gives another perspective and depth to Christ's expression that draws me in. It is simple and humble. His lips are chapped because, despite being the Living Water, He gives all of Himself to us. The reflection of the Apostle's boat is in His eyes, signifying that He sees one of His followers/Children when He looks directly into our eyes. There is a recognition in His eyes that tells me He knows each one of us individually, sees our struggles, and sees our potential. He is the one who walks this life with us and is there in our darkest hours. I used to think that meant He would take away the trials from us - but instead, I've come to learn that He endures them with us, making the load lighter to bear. Despite the darkness we face (and the darkness that is sometimes within us), He sees all the Light within us and helps strengthen that Light - always believing we can make it, never giving up on us, and loving us through every stage of our growth.

These prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity that I personally sign as the artist. Sizez range from 4x4 in to 20x20 in. See link below for details and pricing.

I would like to explain that these prints are simple paper prints without gatorboard stability, and they do not come numbered or signed, unless you request an artist signature (additional $10 option). They are also shipped in tubes for protection against creases. For these reasons, and the unlimited nature of the print series, the pricing is drastically lower than the first two Christ Prints I released a couple years ago. Those remain available for anyone desiring a Gallery Quality Limited Edition print of Christ. I wanted to make this portrait of Christ more accessable for everyone and I felt like the prices of the first two were getting in the way for some who might otherwise have gotten a print.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories of impact that my portraits of Christ have had on them. Your faith and connection to Christ is what allows you to have those experiences, and I am honored to have helped those experiences through the gift and talent God has given me. I hope my portraits of Christ may always bring you peace, love, and hope.


art signature of Jenny Kopp artist and owner of White Fox Art and Deisgn
Signature of Jenny Kopp artist

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