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Venetian Fresco Series

Blue and Gold Macaw

Frescos originated in Italy as watercolor paintings quickly painted onto plaster. The paint would sink in to the plaster and maintain vibrant colors throughout the years. I have adapted this technique into my new Venetian paintings series. I mix color into the Venetian Plaster then apply it with a pallet knife. I apply at least 3 to 4 layers of plaster and top it with a thin layer of color to apply the "antique" affect and add depth. I learned the Italian plaster technique in a Venetian Plaster school in California years ago. they taught us how to apply plaster to walls for homes. I later adapted the technique to add interesting texture to my paintings. I started to use the technique in 2010 on my flag painting which can be viewed in my art gallery.

This painting is already sold but I will have more soon!

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