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What's New

Did you notice the new logo? That is just one of many new things happening with White Fox Art & Design. I am excited to announce that we are working to open a studio location here in Cache Valley, Utah! White Fox Art & Design Studio will be a place where anyone can come and create art or craft projects in almost any medium, and do them for less money than you could buy the materials and tools to do them at home. Projects including painting (acrylic and watercolor), clay sculpture, throwing pots on pottery wheels, painting bisque, paper crafts, jewelry creations, wood working projects, and more. Customers will never pay studio fees; can use studio tools for free; and only pay for the project they choose to do. After reading this description, how interested would you be in making your next art or craft project at White Fox Art and Design Studio?

Would you be willing to tell us what you think in a quick survey? This will help us gather information to make this studio a success, and give us an idea of what type of things matter most to you, the artist! 


Thank you in advance for taking just a minute or two of your time, to help us create the best experience possible for you! 

                                                                                     THANK YOU!

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