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Icy Otter

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

My Mom loves otters for their playful and mischievous spirits. They always make her smile. She and I took my son, Tadd, to the Philadelphia Zoo for his 5th birthday and he got the otters to swim next to him as he ran back and forth in front of the glass. The otters never tired of the game and Tadd was giggling with delight at his new friends who seemed so curious about him.

"How do I get this Otter on my wall?!"

Sadly, the original painting is not for sale. HOWEVER, I have uploaded a digital copy to where you can order her as a print on paper, metal, or canvas! If you want to take her with you the website also offers items you can have the painting printed on like notebooks, journals, cards, leggings, totes, tshirts, clocks, mugs, and so much more!! It's worth your time to click the link above. ;)

Materials Used

Gouache paints - I love these better than watercolor because once it dries I can go back and put more layers on top to achieve richer colors and depth. I also love the chalky look and feel of the finished piece in person. It almost looks like pastels, which I love but I hate the mess! These paints provide the win-win of rich colors and texture without the mess. Get a set of 24 colors from Amazon by clicking here.

140# Multimedia paper - It's thick and able to withstand layers of water-based paints. I also enjoy the texture of the 300 series paper. Get 2 packs (32 sheets each) of Arteza Watercolor paper from Amazon by clicking here.

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