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The Octopus Story

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

There is a folk story in Hawaiian culture of an octopus who gave a rat a ride across a channel to a neighbor island for an agreed payment. The rat betrayed the octopus as soon as his feet hit dry land and ran off without paying the octopus. There was a fisherman who witnessed this and made a lure that looked like a rat. The Octopus, so enraged by the rat's betrayal and blinded by his unwillingness to let the issue go, was fooled by the fisherman's lure and was caught and served for dinner.

the moral of the story: Let it Go, Forgive to live.

This guy is featured in the new Hawaiian Coloring book!!

This hand drawn art is also available as an Art Print or poster at my Red Bubble website and even have it printed on other items like journals, notebooks, apparel, home decor, cards, clocks, wall draperies, scarfs, and so much more!

Materials Used

140# Multimedia paper - It's thick and able to withstand layers of water-based paints. I also enjoy the texture of the 300 series paper. Get 2 packs (32 sheets each) of Arteza Watercolor paper from Amazon by clicking here.

Tombow Calligraphy Pens (fine tips) - My mother gave me a set of these for my birthday and my artistic mind burst with glittery glee when I realized how easily these pens made thick and thin lines in a single stroke! They also ink right over the chalky gouache paint (when it is dry) so if I want to make a piece pop with bold black outlines I can. As an artist I love tools and materials that give me more options to use them. Get a set of 2 pens (different sizes) from Amazon by clicking here.

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