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With COVID-19 sweeping the world there are many people staying home (whether it is to self-quarantine or because we are following the guidelines by local government authorities). If you happen to be bored or need something other than electronics to keep the kids occupied I am sharing free coloring pages with you to print - and make as many copies as you want! I can't take credit for the idea because it was a dear friend, Jodilynn Blake who first did this. You can download her free coloring pages on her website: . Thank you, Jodilynn, for being a great example of having an open heart to give and share!

The Squirrel waving hello is to remind us to be friendly during this time of crisis.

The Lamb and Lion is to remind us that peace will come.

The eagle is because.... well, 'Merica!

I loved the idea of giving something during a time when so many are scrambling to take what they can from the store shelves. I hope this little gift helps. ~Love, Jen

P.S. You will need a Dropbox account to print these, but don't worry - it's free too :)

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