*Watermark (White Fox Logo) will not be part of print.

Print Numbers available: 17-27, 29-97, 99, 100 (updated Mar 1, 20201)

These are 18" X 18" prints, hand-mounted on Gatorboard by the Art Gallery.

All materials are archival quality paper and ink. (They are not flimsy poster prints with a white border, and therefore cost much more to make each one than one might expect from a printshop)

Each print comes numbered and signed by the artist.

Prints also come in a protective plastic sheath to preserve the print until it is framed.

This is a limited edition print run of 100 which makes the prints more valuable than cheaper prints of other paintings you might see in a bookstore. Those prints are usually unlimited in number.


Blue and Silver Christ Print

$285.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
  • When you receive your print you will notice the plastic bag protecting the print is not sealed. This is because the sticky seal could "catch" the print as it is being taken out of, or put back into, the bag and ruin the print. We advise that you do not remove the bag's seal covering at any time.


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